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UN-solicited Student Comments

"I can see there has been a lot of careful and conscientious thought and heart energy put into these courses, and some magic. And they start to work instantaneously. In like a needle, out like a plow."

"I definitely feel blessed. Someone out there is looking after my soul's well being."

"So beautiful and heart touching, to the core! I am happy to have been led to you all. Prayers answered."

"You reminded me that for years as a young child I always asked that I would leave the world a better place than when I arrived."

"Just what is needed to transform our temporary experiences of insight and light to a permanent and expanding state. Thank you and Rick both for your colossal work."

"It was a joy to read the homework pages of today. I like the way you teach and present points, the emotions and intentions behind it, the empathetic understanding of our ''little earthly minds'' and its ''alarms''. It is like you read our minds and answer it, defeat it, in the next sentence or paragraph, always being one step ahead. Your italics, brackets, underscores, dots, commas, etc speak so clearly and are hilarious."

"You are a real master at this, like a clean, clear, sharp, shiny samurai sword you cut through the rocky debris deposited in the mind; and also cut chords stubbornly anchored in ignorance."

"I just want to let you know that I truly enjoy these videos, workbooks, and the awakenment results that are coming from them. It is an inspiration to wake up to every morning, not always easy tasks but they give me great hope for breakthrough and start living life in a fresh, new, joyful and self empowered way. I am being given a second chance by the Universe. Thank for your great efforts and care to love for others' well being."

"I love it! It's interesting how strongly this program resonates with me. My whole being vibrates in excitement! I think this program is outstanding. It's an absolute pleasure to be on this journey with you."

"I'm having a lot of fun connecting with higher guidance, it really is ground breaking, exciting and life changing!!!"

"I'm really appreciating the course, it's such a different approach to everything else that I've come across and it fits perfectly with where I am right now. The message to trust was a very timely reminder for me. Thank you!"

"This is the hardest work I've ever done, but it's the best."

"I'm really enjoying this creative process, in fact there are nights I've been too excited to sleep because of all the inspiration that's flooding in... it's almost overwhelming at times:)"

Mastery is Spreading Around the World to Build a Better World
Canada - USA - Japan - Australia - Ireland - Scotland - Curacao - England - France - Iceland - Italy - South Africa - Singapore - Namibia - New Zealand...

Here's what you'll get and how your life will change in this program...

You'll learn how to "connect" and hear that "still, small voice" and rely on it as your personal source of higher guidance.
You'll find and pursue your own life mission, the most meaningful work of your entire life and the reason you're here. This is what your soul has been calling you to do all these years and telling you in quiet moments that you are special and gifted and divine. You'll finally know why you're here.
Your happiness will naturally soar and this will radiate into your relationships.
You'll fill most of your waking hours with actions of great personal meaning.
You'll redefine what's important and discover greater joy and freedom than you've ever known.
Your health will probably improve on several levels because of lower stress, better eating, and greater connection to peacefulness.
Your perspective will shift and your experience of the world will be of its great beauty.
You will find yourself inspiring the people around you and discover yourself to be a leader helping build a happier, brighter, more beautiful future for everyone.
You'll lay the foundation for an incredible personal life Legacy.

All'll find yourself living a passion-driven, purpose filled life—the Extraordinary Life—that everyone dreams of, but few know how to create.

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